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Choral Music

Alexandra Aubert is the current artistic director of the Coro EAS in Southern Chile, made up of two ensembles she founded in Valdivia, Región de Los Ríos

- Coro de Cámara EAS, an independent variable-geometry choir born in 2014.

- Ensamble JUVENEAS, a youth vocal ensemble whose members are between 11 and 16 years old.


Oh, Rosa Blanca (2020) by Alexandra Aubert

performed by Coro EAS

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Virtual Christmas Concert with four choirs from different places in Chile: Camerata Vocal Vox Lumini (Talca), Ensemble Choral Alianza Francesa Curicó, Coro de Cámara de Temuco, and Coro EAS (Valdivia).

. Choir directors: María Isabel fredes, Alexandra Aubert, Francisco Amigo

. Pianists: Alexandra Aubert, David Contreras, Cristian Leal

. Producer: David Contreras

December 2020

"Aire de Verde Montaña" L.A.RAMÓN and RIVERA

Ensamble JUVENEAS & Amig@s


"Los Reyes Magos" ARIEL RAMÍREZ (music), FÉLIX LUNA (lyrics)

Instrumental Adaptation: Ivan Conde

     Performed by Coro de Cámara EAS and Coro Ciudadano CCO with Ensamble de Guitarras de Valdivia (charango: Ivan Conde).

Conductor: Alexandra Aubert

     12/21/2018: "Concierto Navidad en Osorno 2018", Catedral San Mateo de Osorno, X° Región de Los Lagos, CHILE.

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