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Pedro Humberto Allende Project

Pedro Humberto Allende Sarón (Santiago de Chile, 1885-id., 1959) is one of the main composers of the first half of the 20th century, internationally recognized by composers such as Claude Debussy or Florent Schmitt, as well as by musicologists and critics (Felipe Pedrell, Emile Vuillermoz, among others), also acclaimed by European and American audiences, from south to north. However, there is a lack of phonographic recordings of his piano production. In fact, except for the Twelve Tonadas de Carácter Popular Chileno (1923), the other works have been very scarcely disseminated; the Six Greek Miniatures (1928) were recorded in 2019 by Alexandra Aubert, as part of the Sounding Visions album, while there is no known professional recording of the Two Preludes (1928) or the Nine Studies (1930, 1937).

• Faced with the need to widely promote the works of an essential figure in the history of Chilean music and to highlight the valuable contribution they represent to the international piano repertoire due to their technical-musical characteristics, stylistic particularities, and the richness of their expressive language, this project aims to create a phonographic recording of the aforementioned four works. This recording took place in the city of Valdivia, precisely at the Faculty of Architecture and Arts of the Universidad Austral de Chile - a faculty directly linked to four people involved in the project, including the leader.

• In parallel, it is proposed to spread awareness of and promote the national musical heritage through two types of presentations in Valdivia, a deeply significant territory in southern Chile for the performer, and in Santiago, a city strongly linked to the personal and creative life of Maestro Allende Sarón. Indeed, educational concerts have been held in public establishments committed to the musical training and development of their students, on the one hand, and recitals for general audiences, on the other.

• Once the stages of recording, editing, mixing, and mastering are completed, the album dedicated to Maestro Pedro Humberto Allende will be delivered in digital format to the CD Baby Pro Publishing service - where A. Aubert's two discs are registered - to ensure its distribution on major current music playback platforms: Spotify, Soundcloud, YouTube, Apple Music, iTunes, etc. Simultaneously, the album will be available for online listening on the artist in charge of the project's website

• Finally, a digital album launch will be presented through a program broadcast by radio stations such as Radio UACh and Radio Beethoven.


* Press releases, by Camila Alcaíno (May, 2023):

(September, 2023):

(October, 2023):

(November, 2023):



** Press releases, by Daniel Navarrete: 




*** Press realease, by Portal Puente Alto:


  • Concierto en Valdivia: jueves 5 de octubre 2023, 19:30, Teatro Municipal Lord Cochrane, Valdivia

  • Grabación: a partir del 7 de octubre 2023, Sala Sergio Pineda, Conservatorio de Música UACh, Valdivia

  • Concierto didáctico en Valdivia: jueves 26 de octubre 2023, Colegio Artístico Juan Sebastián Bach, Valdivia

  • Concierto didáctico en Santiago: miércoles 15 de noviembre 2023, Colegio Artístico Sol de Illimani, Santiago de Chile

  • Concierto en Santiago: jueves 16 de noviembre 2023, Teatro Centro Cultural de Puente Alto, Santiago de Chile


  • Alexandra Aubert (pianista y responsable)

  • Luis Sepúlveda (productor general)

  • Camila Alcaíno (periodista y encargada de comunicación)

  • Natán Ide (ingeniero de sonido encargado de la grabación, mezcla y masterización)

  • Shane Ellis (técnico en pianos y afinador)

  • Eréndira Martínez (diseñadora gráfica)

Proyecto financiado por el Ministerio de las Culturas, las Artes y el Patrimonio.

Gobierno de Chile.

Fondo de la Música 2023, línea Producción de Registro Fonográfico. Folio nº 657307

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